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Syfoon's G25 carscripts
SyfoonDate: Monday, 2010-02-08, 4:27 AM | Message # 1
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OK, been thinking about uploading my scripts for a while now, so I cleaned them up and here they are.

Basically what it does is automatically adjusts the wheel turn and shifter style to whatever car you're using. So if you pick XRT, it'll set LFS up to run at 720 degrees with a H-gate. Every car has been done to what they are in game, so the big GTRs use 540, road cars use 720, the MRT5 uses 270 etc etc...

"YEAH SO WHAT FOON?", I hear you shout! May sound like it doesn't do much, but these scripts have saved me so much time it's silly.

Let's say you've been on the AS3 server. LFS is all set up to run in sequential@540. But you want to go thrash about in the XFG on Ironhorse. Instead of changing everything, steering to 720 and setting the individual gears on the shifter, these do it for you. Force feedback is also adjusted to the rates I use.

I've also done a wheel turn and shift style change script. In the roadcars, you have the choice of changing between 720 and 540, as well as between H, seq and paddles. Other cars have other options, such as the FOX, which uses a sequential stick gearbox, can also use the paddles.

It's all very easy, the scripts will tell you what your Profiler degrees need to be at, and which mode your shifter needs to be in. F12 changes wheel turn and F11 changes shift style.

Remember, this is for a hardcore and accurate LFS experience. Please make sure you set wheel turn compensation to 0.

If you use an odd setup, like Sin's suggested 220 degree config, these scripts could just annoy you. But I'd suggest you give them a try as I've worked quite hard in getting everything right and nice to use with decent options, but make sure you BACK UP YOUR OLD SETTINGS. Keep a note of your wheel turn, wheel comp, forcefeedback and your "accel moves viewpoint" settings, because if you wipe out your old stuff, I'll have zero remorse at your stupidity and I'll just laugh at you.

Use these settings in your Profiler;
Overall effects strength: 105% (101% is also acceptable)
Spring effect strength: 0%
Damper effect strength: 0%

Enable centering spring: ticked
Centering spring strength: 0% (I sometimes use 10% though)

Use special steering wheel settings: ticked

Little hint for changing degrees. Make sure you have an LFS profile in the Profiler, the go to Edit > Specific Game Settings. Hold shift and press Tab TWICE, then use the arrow keys to change the degrees of rotation. A faster method is Alt+E > S > Shift+Tab twice.

Another hint, type //540pad for a quick switch to paddles@540, useful if you don't want to use seq@720 on the XFR or the H-gate@720 on the roadcars but you can't be bothered to deal with the F keys.

Extract the RAR to /data/scripts/. You don't even have to restart LFS! Just leave the pits and it'll all work.

Please let me know if you encounter any errors or problems, and also let me know what you think of them if you decide to use them.



Team Member

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SinDate: Monday, 2010-02-08, 3:53 PM | Message # 2
Alien Racer
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Very nice of you to take the time to put these up m8 , i'm not sure if i will use them as u know i use 220 degree for wheel turn ... but u never know wink

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SyfoonDate: Monday, 2010-02-08, 7:29 PM | Message # 3
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Quote (Sin)
Very nice of you to take the time to put these up m8 , i'm not sure if i will use them as u know i use 220 degree for wheel turn ... but u never know

Hehe, I know they're not to everyones taste, but someone will find it handy smile

I mainly put them up as they've been invaluable on the rotation server, where cars (and driving styles, paddles@540 XFR is immense) change quite often.

These will also work on Fanatecs and the G27 (or even a bangin' FREX setup), I just need some info. Would take 5 minutes. So if Kleis with his G27 or Chuck with his Fanatec want to give them a try, message me or whatever smile

Team Member
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