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Sainted Crasher
muhsinbar01Date: Saturday, 2015-05-02, 8:30 PM | Message # 1
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My racer name : BAR
my ID : bar01

crasher ID : ymeshulin

crasher race name : Sainted

CRASH TİME :   02:21

T1 also hit way back, knowing I was up front
go right ahead because I'm in the race line
because I was in the front has the right to follow the racing line.
the tail of my car pushed out of the way,I got

he tried to lose control of my vehicle

my race is ruined, and laughed at the end , sainted wrote : " : ) "   <<  02:41
This is proof that left knowing
I thought I was wronged, it seems to me that you did disrespect

looking like he was right , me personally insulted

3:05    Sainted say '' You speak english, you donkeyfucker? ''

3:46    sainted say '' And then pay 10 dollars everytime you want to speak with me. ''

3:58   sainted say '' Because I don't waste my time on losers like you. ''

He did not apologize,   disrespect made  , I have been wronged


<a class="link" href="http://www.mediafire.com/download/rrrg1ejlzme3mze/Sainted_crashes_BAR.mpr" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/downloa...._BAR.mp


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HBakerDate: Saturday, 2015-05-02, 9:16 PM | Message # 2
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I was on track with you and saw at least the last part of your conflict.
I did not see the actual situations, but Sainted seemed pretty aggressive and rude in his words and he obviously tried to put the blame on you.
I know you as a pretty clean racer and I have never had any problems with you on track.
If this behavior of his continues I'm sure we can put a stop to it. Don't worry.
I might also add that I've had my troubles with him earlier as I'm sure you understood.

H. Baker
muhsinbar01Date: Sunday, 2015-05-03, 2:09 PM | Message # 3
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Sainted,He thinks he made the right , Because you do not sentence
Error person who must bear the consequences of what he did.
On this server they are not provided with a tolerance of players who have made a mistake we know that.

If he does not get sainted punishment, I think it was right what he did, would have humiliated me.

The mistake that was made during the race and my personality as a result of insulting people on the grounds of trying to humiliate me in it  , I'm asking what is rightfully mine,

AMG says managers, sometimes in the form of racism is not performed on this server.
Now I'm gonna ask something. But people should not be punished, does not mean anything if you do not give punishment to those words? Does equality remains on the server?

We would not want this to happen
sainted apology would not have willed problem,
unfortunately he did not apologize
I wish I had shown the peace and reconciliation efforts
frankly I would not want these incidents.
I do not want to disrupt the morale of sainted in fact , because I do not like to break the hearts of people , Despite these

but I do not like the injustice

* I want a 30-day ban is punishment for sainted

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HBakerDate: Sunday, 2015-05-03, 2:33 PM | Message # 4
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I just banned Sainted for 10 days. Yesterday he was whining along with BAR, and being pretty rude and personal.
Today he came on track still whining along with why I had not banned BAR. I was tolerant for a while and tried to explain he had to show some respect.
He started on me telling me all things about my responsibilities, and when I told him to cool down and stop whining he told me "FU Baker......". and also some rude stuff if "BAR had given me a good suck since I didn't ban him".
As I understand from the previous post here he also has been rude and insulting to others as well.
In my opinion he has no place on our servers with such behavior. The ban for 10 days should probably be longer, but I leave that to the management.

H. Baker

Message edited by HBaker - Sunday, 2015-05-03, 6:11 PM
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