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I got banned for accidentally driving like an idiot. Phelix - Forum

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I got banned for accidentally driving like an idiot. Phelix
aenigmaDate: Monday, 2015-05-25, 9:18 AM | Message # 1
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My nickname is PheliX and my LFS username is aenigma.

I was playing for a few hours without any problems and I just got banned after
exiting pits. I was keeping up with everybody, but then I screwed up
and spun out and tried to hit push shift-p to pit. I hit shift-o instead
of shift-p so I was in the way and I couldn't pit fast enough after
that and I think Gordon Freeman hit me since he said "PheliX - ban this
I responded saying "wow damn i'm sorry, not sure what happened there" because it was definitely my fault. He responded saying
"yeah sure" and then I was banned before I could apologize more because
it was definitely my fault.

I am just surprised I got banned for one mistake (albeit a major mistake) after being online and driving for 3-4 hours.

It's only a 24 hour ban, so I might not got an appeal, but I wanted to post just in case because I was having a lot of fun. smile

So, yeah, it's up to the powers that be, so go easy on me Baker wacko  

Yours truly,

Pheliix, aenigma, and drunken idiot who didn't plan things out as well as he thought

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SinDate: Monday, 2015-05-25, 9:48 AM | Message # 2
Alien Racer
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Hi - If an admin banned you then it's a 24hr ban, but if it was an automated ban due to a loss of Safety Rating (!rt) then it's only a 12hr ban... I'm currently out of the country so can't access my PC to lift the ban. My advice would be to try to rejoin after 12 hours and stay out of trouble - then everything will be good biggrin

Regards, Sin

Team Member
HBakerDate: Monday, 2015-05-25, 10:22 AM | Message # 3
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Hi PheliX.

Just wanted to comment since the name Baker came up here...
First of all.. there are 2 Baker's here.. Baker and H.Baker who is we're never hungry.
I can't remember the situation, so I was probably not on track.
What I can say is that words like "ban this asshole" I would surely have commented and asked the person to mind his language.
If you joined track in front of racers it's a bad idea anyway, and can result in an automated ban
Anyway.. this is surely no big problem like Sin says, but I would suggest racers should be very careful joining track in front of racers. There will be a blue flag anyway. And If I personally see any personal, racist or any other bad remarks I will surely not accept it.
Just for your information.
Race on.


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aenigmaDate: Monday, 2015-05-25, 11:00 AM | Message # 4
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Thank you for the replies. smile

Yeah, I think it was an automated server ban, and you're right, joining the track and trying to get in the pack was a bad idea. I thought I could pull it off, but I was very very wrong haha. It was going very well until I apparently hit the dirt and did a 180 which made me freak out a bit hehe.

I figured it was a 24 hour auto ban, that's why I was just hoping I could get an unban, but no big deal. Thank you very much for replying and shedding more light on that situation!

By the way I think I was thinking of Baker. I just assumed he was a mod/admin since I saw you (HBaker) replying in this section and Baker was on the server kicking serious butt! I just thought you were one and the same, that's what I get for assuming!

Anyway, thanks for the information, I'll rejoin the server sometime in the future when I'm in the mood for LFS again. smile

Cheers! roll


Oh I guess I didn't read and absorb your post Sin. So it was an Admin ban after all since it was 24 hours, bummer. Oh well, stuff happens, as they say. dry


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