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Crasher report
JTHDate: Saturday, 2012-11-10, 7:09 PM | Message # 1
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Server name:![AMG] GTi MotorSport
Crasher name: Nafanya (hayati)

Here are the replays: (Crash in the beginning) (0:00 --> 1:05 ) (7:33)

Very tired of that same idiot crashing me on purpose...

Message edited by JTH - Saturday, 2012-11-10, 7:11 PM
SinDate: Sunday, 2012-11-11, 0:49 AM | Message # 2
Alien Racer
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Thx for taking the time to post - I'm guessing there's some sort of niggle between you two as he seems to target you only... but it's no excuse to ruin someones race (and many others) so he's lost all of his safety rating, and has been banned from all of our servers for 30 days.


Team Member
NafanyaDate: Sunday, 2012-11-11, 11:38 PM | Message # 3
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I realize that I am nothing, but an ant before your mighty foot, on this forum and your server. Also that it is pointless to try to reason with a dictator. But as a person, I'm looking down on you, a judge who decides the verdict simply by listening to one side only. Even though you've voiced a concern about something being fishy, it did not matter in the end.

I'm guessing there's some sort of niggle between you two as he seems to target you only...

Bingo! But you didn't bother to ask what might have enraged me.

but it's no excuse to ruin someones race (and many others)

Excuse me, what?
Replay NAFFE - noone affected, but JTH
Replay NAFFE2 - affected one player in T1 (turn 1), unfortunately
Replay nafanya - noone affected, but JTH. If you had actually watched this race, instead of doing as you were told and skipping to the crash, you'd have noticed that I started the race with no intention to crash. It was on a completely different day from the other two replays and I already made my point clear the other day. So I was hoping for a little more respect this time.
L1 T1 (lap 1, turn1) I am bounced off by a crasher into JTH's direction. Not a crash, but an accident. Watch from my cam and bird's eye view, to see it clearly.
I fall behind in the chicane, but catch up on the straight completely. I don't crash JTH.
01:22 - Notice JTH's late braking. He crashes Tope, that was a really bad overtake. JTH took the inside, but stayed on the outside half of the track, not even letting the other car turn in.
01:36 - I catch up to JTH. We enter the turn side by side. I brake later and get ahead at first. But stay on the outside and as JTH exits the turn, he goes wide and slams into me. Increasing his exit speed and lowering mine. Needless to say, on purpose. You don't go wide, if you enter a turn side by side with someone and you're on the inside. WTF? But ok, I decide to NOT make a big deal out of this. Instead I simply smile and we continue... I catch up to him, rather sooner than later and patiently drive behind him, waiting for my chance to overtake. No crashing, of course. I pass him on the straight and finish the lap with a nice time: 1:33:55. He follows behind me.
05:18 - JTH brakes late again, bumps into me in T1, no big deal, but there is this bad feeling again.
06:21 - JTH brakes late, bumps me hard during my braking on curb, makes me lose grip and understeer, passes me on the inside, goes wide and completely to the outside, bumping into me again and pushing me on sand. Fair pass? No. On purpose? Yes. Sorry? No. Do you expect me to let him get away with this? Have you even seen what's written on his license plate? It says "u r gay".

Sin, I honestly don't know how to argue with you or even try to convince you otherwise. Because all the evidence was right here, before your eyes and you ignored it. So even if I let you hear what I have to say, you'll probably ignore it as well. But I still have no choice, but to go ahead and try. I happen to have recorded the PREQUEL to this trilogy of the "Innocent JTH" saga. And I'm really curious to see what is going to happen, if I follow his example. I do not even expect my ban to be lifted, but I certainly hope to drag JTH with me.
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