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![AMG] GTi MotorSport PB Limit !!!
p0pDate: Friday, 2012-11-16, 3:59 PM | Message # 1
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In order to perform better race on your server I suggest the introduction of PB Limit, or prohibiting entry to race lasts until ...
In this way, in order to avoid interruption of the daily race for entering crasers.
Crasers is impossible to suppress, as each of them has a myriad of orders sad

Think about it!
[SMOKE]Date: Friday, 2012-11-16, 8:16 PM | Message # 2
Pro Racer
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I hear this being suggested all the time, and if I remember correctly - I think Sin usually says that it would go against the spirit of what the AMG demo server is: (Sin quote)
"Our server is very popular because we are tolerant and we understand these things , on the other hand if someone is there obviously causing chaos then our website has all the relevant information on the forum with how to report this to us if an Admin is not present on the server . i will just add that we have enabled no midrace re-join , so now this has stopped a lot of racers joining the server and entering the track after the race has begun ... which in our opinion is unfair to the racers who have started from the grid , this we find has stopped a lot of unnecessary accidents ."
In this quote from Sin you can see that he doesn't want the server to be snobbish and exclusive - but rather tolerant and inviting.
Allthough concerning your suggestion for "prohibiting entry to race" I'm not sure if you mean midrace join or not, if so it appears that the quote above suggests that Sin had tried that in the past and perhaps it didn't work out so well, which may explain the current system of limited midrace rejoins.
As for my own 2 cents.. I guess there could be one server that is a clone of AMG GTI but with a pb limit.. while still maintaining the original one - and see if pb limit is popular enough. A test run of sorts like the AMG 6 laps + pit server. Or perhaps just to keep things simple, just change the 6laps+pit server to have the pb limit and leave the 5 lap one alone - that way there's the old tried and true demo server everyone knows and loves, and there's the newer, now exclusive, 6lap+pit+pb limit one for those who have short tempers around beginners... In any event - it doesn't matter either way to me as I enjoy racing in any conditions. Good luck!
SinDate: Saturday, 2012-11-17, 6:54 PM | Message # 3
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Quote (|SMOKE|)
I'm not sure if you mean midrace join or not, if so it appears that the quote above suggests that Sin had tried that in the past and perhaps it didn't work out so well

Exactly this, I did try it and it killed the server's popularity (that post was some time ago if i remember correctly)... I understand that it's frustrating when crasher's come on to spoil peoples fun, but I don't want our server's to be elitist... I want them to be for all to enjoy, if we make them hard to join then new people coming into LFS who genuinely want to race will not be able to join - also in my 6 years of being involved with LFS I've seen many crashers who can almost go WR pace (why they need to cause havoc beats me), so I don't really think it would help.

I have made the Safety Rate tighter so we'll see how that goes - it will mean people not interested in fair racing will be removed faster, I know it's not perfect but we can try.

Thanks for your thoughts though.

Team Member
Forum » Server's » Reports » ![AMG] GTi MotorSport PB Limit !!!
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