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Forum » Server's » Reports » who´s the admin on lfs gti?
who´s the admin on lfs gti?
ruicunhaDate: Thursday, 2014-08-14, 9:49 PM | Message # 1
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Joined server, didnt touch any car on start and stupid admin bans me? Fkin idiot. Dont give admin rights to kids.

[SMOKE]Date: Friday, 2014-08-15, 0:22 AM | Message # 2
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Which admin? There are multiple admins, none of them are stupid, but nobody is perfect and maybe you have an honest case to make - but we would need to have some evidence. I wasn't on today, so I don't know anything about your situation. Could you provide me with a few details to better understand the situation? For instance, Who was on at the time? What's your safety rating and !tm? (if your rt falls too low the server auto-kicks/bans you, not a real person)
Also there are other things that can result in a ban other than intentional crashing. For instance those who use speed hacks or are suspected of using speed hacks are not tolerated. Guys with 'fake' !tm's such as 1:31 or lower - are at an increased risk for this sort of ban depending on the admins ability to distinguish between speed hackers and those who have done so in the past but have changed their ways.
Also if you did something to provoke an admin to suspect you of being a safety risk, a guy can be banned without necessarily touching anyone if his safety rating is scary and he's acting fishy: like if he's parked on the strait as if waiting for a crash/revenge crash - or he's goofing around instead of racing. Drifting and Drag are not permitted either.
The admin might say "what's this guy up to? He's not here to race.. " and look at his safety rating and go with his gut. Admins learn to trust their intuition to a degree, that's not to say that bans without cause are okay - what I mean is that perhaps there is a good cause that you are unaware of - but the admin could show to us and you would be like "oh... okay, I didn't realise that's why I was banned."
A ban can also be applied for highly offensive chat, or insulting/abusing others in an extreme fashion. Your ban might have come from something you said or did earlier, and maybe there was a perfectly good reason for the ban other than "touching".
Or it might have even been a mistake; even I have accidentally clicked on the wrong name before when I went to ban a guy. Afterwards I unban and apologise profusely and feel like an idiot for a few minutes. What I'm trying to say is there are so many variables - and we would need all the details to address your complaint. Thanks for posting.

Added (2014-08-15, 0:22 AM)
Please know that we do our best to CAREFULLY select admins - there are so many racers that ask, but only a very, very select few earn consideration. We take every precaution to avoid choosing bad admins. I'm willing to bet that we're more strict than anyone else when it comes to that.
We ensure that we know them well, they must have a reputation as: safety minded, honorable, mature, patient, and kind individuals who ban only when necessary for the safety and sanity of the server.
That's not to say that they are perfect. However, since we take such extensive screening measures in our selection of admins, the burden of proof is on you when it comes to complaints to prove your accusations. We can't just take your word for it, we don't even know you.
If you don't even provide us with the name of the admin in question let alone provide a replay, then nothing gets resolved. Your post gives us absolutely nothing to go on. You might as well not even post if you're not going to provide any information that could help your case.
I can assure you that if what you say is true and you were indeed wrongfully banned - we would act on it. If an admin becomes a reliability - we need to know. And we take every step to remedy such issues. Nobody is above the law. I've even banned one of my best friends because he "revenge crashed" a crasher who was intentionally crashing him. Some might say he was justified in hitting the crasher - But I banned both of them because I can't make exceptions to the rules.

Here's some tips that may help you in the future:
1) Typing: !pl will show you who are admins, if there is an admin it will say LIMAD
2) If something strange ever happens - press 2 and SAVE THE REPLAY
3) If you post a complaint on the forum, you won't always have someone online at that exact moment ready to check the server to offer immediate assistance, so always leave your full real LFS username, spelled properly, so that if need be - an admin who reads your message can unban you for example. Real names (including yours) can be displayed to you while on the server by pressing CTRL+SHIFT.
4) Provide full details - despite the name AutoMotiveGodz, we're not all-knowing gods.

Keep in mind, it's a video game, admins are imperfect humans, and nothing's perfect. But we do what we can to provide a peaceful, yet exciting server that is available to all who wish to race. We do however remove those who are trouble out of respect for the other racers. And whether it's you who made trouble, or an unknown admin who made trouble, or just some accident or misunderstanding - all I can say is, I wish I could help but I don't have enough information.

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SinDate: Monday, 2014-08-18, 7:33 AM | Message # 3
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Thanks for your explanation there Smoke, I will add that I've looked in the bans list and the posters name isn't in it... But as he hasn't said what his LFS username is I can't be sure. A replay would clear up the problem but as there isn't one posted there's not a lot we can do - sorry

Team Member
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