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Forum » Server's » Protests » Brutal2 banned. (Reason cause swearing is allowed apperently.)
Brutal2 banned.
brutal_2Date: Saturday, 2009-12-26, 6:19 PM | Message # 1
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I just got banned 5 minutes ago cause someone was swearing at me and i toke my revenge on him.

What exactly happent:

We were hgaving a race, or about to start a race.
Then at the start 50% for sure of the cars got crashed, there was a huge crash. (happent Twice)
So i and lots of others voted for a restart what was not allowed in the first lap or something like that.

I asked the server and the ppl that drive on front to restart since its not really normal that that many ppl crash and that it would be nice and fair to other ppl to restart.

Now that was something they werent doing, and i was really broken.
I won't go to the pits if there is no restart with this many ppl getting crashed so i did my alarm ligts on and i drive 1 lap for a repair, in that 1 lap the NR1 touched me and crashed cause he hit my back while i was NOT driving on the perfect line.
I was also having alarm lights on and i was slow driving 200~ cause on fast speed i couldn't handle my car.

I went into the pits and was already 2 laps behind and then i spectated.

I had after the race a discussion with this person cause he told me its unfair he got crashed.
I told him that its unfair to not restart and only think about your self.

Then he went to talk in german.
The luck i have is that i use SKYPE with some ppl that are german also and they told me what h e was saying.
He told me to shut up because i am a "Son of a bitch".

In how far do i need to stay calm at this point?
If he swears, i understand even thougt its his own fault.
I told him after he said that, that it was not really nice and that his next race is not going to end at NR1.
For saying Son of a Bitch to me i went to drive on the straight in front of him and at the moment he tryed to pass i did touch him what made him go into the grass and he went back to the 2nd position.

So, after that i got banned, what i understand but what i DON"T understand:
- Race restart, 20% fall outis already alot at the START. << Should be a restart
- Swearing in anykind of language except english is allowed apperently?

I request a unban cause of my behavour.
I do understand its not allowed, but you have to understand me that im not let my self get called this way and that i do get mad at that point.

I hope AMG can do something about that and be harder on those ppl who talk an outside language as english. Cause this way there comes frustration.

I hope i can race soon on your server besides what happent today is the server great and something where i race really often.

thank you for reading and your time.

Greetz, J.Meijer aka McLaren


The person who said that swearing to me was: EUR®REC

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My legend??

Message edited by McLaren - Saturday, 2009-12-26, 6:21 PM
SinDate: Sunday, 2009-12-27, 0:57 AM | Message # 2
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Hi McLaren ,

Well i can tell you it was the insim that banned you ... because if it detects that you are driving badly with a wrecked car or getting spectated too much for bad driving it will kick or ban . it has to be this way so that the track can be kept clear , realism wasn't on today so you could have just pitted if they didn't restart and you would've been Ok . the ban would only be for 12hrs but post me your LFS username here if you have problems connecting then i can easily unban you ... as for the verbal abuse you received i can only apologize , the insim warns people about swearing mostly in English with some Polish , Finnish and Portuguese ... i haven't had time to update it with German as yet , because of many other things that i have been busy with . here at [AMG] we've never got mad at people for speaking in there own language because we are a multi national team with members from all over the globe , and some can speak very little English ... so thats why we don't insist on English being typed into the global chat . i hope this has explained it Ok , see you on the track soon .


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brutal_2Date: Sunday, 2009-12-27, 9:36 AM | Message # 3
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Thank you for your replay. Im glad you understand it.
I hope that it will come in the future and if you want to, i could help you with my language, "Dutch" since i see lots of dutch ppl also.

See you ingame!

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My legend??
Forum » Server's » Protests » Brutal2 banned. (Reason cause swearing is allowed apperently.)
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