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This is a short tutorial to help you achieve a new PB in the FXR

Aston National ( AS3 ) is a track with all types of corners available , sharp , fast & slow which you need to make perfect to be fast !
In this Picture you can see the track layout with each turn under its own name !

Swipe out: This is the first and the fastest corner on the track . If you make a mistake here you can get swiped out . Enter this corner in 4th gear at 105mph / 170kmh use the curb on the left as you enter the corner to get the best line , make sure that you exit with full throttle its best also to use the curb on the left-hand side as you straighten up on the exit , try to get 127mph / 204kph at speed trap 1 .

Turtles Chicane: This is the slowest part of the track but it can affect your PB a lot ! Enter the 1st turn in 2nd gear at 50mph / 80kmh , making sure that you're on the right-hand side of the track again using some of the curb , as you turn in clip the apex and give it full throttle at the same time
, you will have to take 3rd gear for a short time before braking and taking 2nd gear again as you enter the right-hand turn from the left-hand side of the track then just clip the apex of the corner giving it full throttle as you exit ... its best to just drift wide here and catch the green run-off as you straighten up . try to achieve 103mph / 165kph at speed trap 2 .

Luffield: This part of the track is the easiest one in my opinion . Enter this turn in 2nd gear at 60mph / 100kmh using the curb on the left as you approach , turn in smoothly ( not over-steering ) and give it full throttle as you exit ... try to go wide and use the curb on the left as you run down towards the final chicane .

Death Trap: This is the hardest and most important part of the track ! You make a mistake here and you will crash . Enter the chicane in 3rd gear at 90mph / 145kmh you must brake on the white line here to ensure a good entry speed whilst also keeping the car stable as you go for the perfect line through the chicane , try to turn the wheel as little as possible to ensure that you keep the speed up as you exit ... you will need to change up to 4th gear halfway through the chicane so you can get 125mph / 200kmh in speed trap 3 ,
if you do this correctly you should hit 166mph / 267kph as you pass under the second bridge which is just passed the start - finish line .

On the [AMG] MotorSports server we have a training layout which has braking points ( white lines painted on the track ) to assist beginners .
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