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3:59 PM
[AMG] GTR+GTL Rotation Server Is Now Online
As many of our regular server users have asked for some different track combination's on our [AMG] GTR MotorSport Server ,  we here at Team [AMG] have decided to put up a FULL 47 slot GTR (FXR , FZR , XRR) and GTL (UFR , XFR) only Track Rotation Server , its currently running with "NO RESTRICTIONS" on any of the GTR or GTL cars . there is a 15 track combination comprising of :

(1)   Fern Bay Black (FE4)   FXR FZR XRR XFR UFR      = 4 Laps
(2)   South City Chicane Reverse (SO6r)   XFR UFR     = 5 Laps
(3)   Westhill International (WE1)   XFR UFR                = 5 Laps
(4)   Kyoto Ring Oval (KY1)   FXR FZR XRR                    = 12 Laps
(5)   Aston National (AS3)   XFR UFR                              = 5 Laps
(6)   Kyoto National (KY2)   XFR UFR                              = 4 Laps
(7)   Blackwood GP (BL1)   FXR FZR XRR                        = 5 Laps
(8)   Aston Club (AS2)   XFR UFR                                     = 5 Laps
(9)   South City Classic (SO1)   XFR UFR                        = 5 Laps
(10) Aston Historic (AS4)   FXR FZR XRR XFR UFR       = 4 Laps
(11) Westhill International (WE1)   FXR FZR XRR        = 5 Laps
(12) Kyoto Ring Oval (KY1)   XFR UFR                            = 6 Laps
(13) Aston National Reverse (AS3r)  FXR FZR XRR      = 5 Laps
(14) Kyoto National (KY2)  FXR FZR XRR                       = 5 Laps
(15) Blackwood GP (BL1)  XFR UFR                                = 5 Laps

All the above tracks have custom  layouts with braking lines marked on the track , these have been put there to help drivers who maybe unsure of the track .

Look for [AMG] GTR+GTL Rotation in the Multiplayer list

There will be 3 races on each track before rotating to the next in the list . all the races will be sprint races , so no pit stop is required . the FULL Version of Airio will be running things and if you type in !track or !tr it will tell you what track is next and how many laps the race will be . this is our way of saying thanks to all our friends within the LFS community who have supported our servers and our website . this track listing is not set in stone and we are always open to suggestions for different track combination's , we hope you enjoy the racing .

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