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3:05 AM
Welcome To The Team Ryan
A big welcome to Ryan he's our newest team [AMG] member , Ryan is already fast so watch out for him on the race track , good luck beating the other Ryan here mate ... see you on the grey stuff .

Have fun and race fair .
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9 Underling  
Good job Ryan!!

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11 Ryan  
thanks underling, see you out there smile

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8 zilch  
Welcome Ryan!! Can't wait to race you!! biggrin

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10 Ryan  
thanks zilch, looking forward to it biggrin

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7 Mike  
lool mee too

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4 B1gch0pper  
lol, welcome to the team matee smile
See ya on the grey stuff!

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5 Ryan  
thanks chop, i do have to ask, do you like chops (the food)? thanks again smile

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6 B1gch0pper  
lmao, pork chops? Love em mate, prefer a big juicy steak with all the trimmings tho wink

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3 Ryan  
thanks Sin and all the other AMG members for accepting me into your team, i will see you on the track as i pass you by smile ... maybe not Tur8o yet hehe

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1 Tur8o  
Better getcha surf on!

glad to see you here (:

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2 Ryan  
haha thanks mate, i havent been surfing recently, going down to the beach house in late january so that will be good, but ill be away from here sad

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