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Main » 2009 » November » 7 » Why There Is No Kick or Ban Options On Our Servers
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Why There Is No Kick or Ban Options On Our Servers
Hi , i received this E-mail from a fellow racer that regularly uses our main GTR server , his question is one i get asked a lot so i thought i would add it to the main page . i have removed his name out of courtesy , if he wants me to add it then send me an E-mail and i will gladly do so .

" Hallo racers,

I would like to ask you why on your servers there is no possibility to vote to put away the drivers that apparantly ruin a game. I know that option to vote to kick or ban may become unfair in some cases to someone. But you have very frequent sites now and unfortunately some racers are quite rude.

Please consider.

With best regards!

xxxxxx. "

My reply as follows :

" Hi xxxxxx ,
The reason is answered in your own statement - i quote " I know that option to vote to kick or ban may become unfair in some cases to someone " ... that is why we don't have it enabled , because in most cases accidents are just that they are not done with malice or intent , they just lack race experience on a big grid ... now if we were like some other server operators who kick or ban at the drop of a WTF! or OMG! then the racers with little experience would never get anywhere , there are many regular users now that can do within 1.5 seconds of the WR , whereas 6 weeks ago they were 10 seconds off from it ... in time there will be more and as there race skill increases the racing will get better . our server is very popular because we are tolerant and we understand these things , on the other hand if someone is there obviously causing chaos then our website has all he relevant information on the forum with how to report this to us if an Admin is not present on the server . i will just add that we have enabled no midrace re-join , so now this has stopped a lot of racers joining the server and entering the track after the race has begun ... which in our opinion is unfair to the racers who have started from the grid , this we find has stopped a lot of unnecessary accidents . with regards to your statement about some racers being rude , unfortunately i can't do much about that ... but racers that are swearing and verbally abusing other racers are generally removed from the server if seen by an Admin .
I hope this has answered your question .
Sin "
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3 silcom - xxxxxx  
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Thanks for your reply and comments Sin. In fact I understand that you all guys considered the best way how the server rules should be set or organised.

I like your server and I am looking forward for next races! :)

With regards!


2 Chris-CZ32  
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I agree.

Although I am one of thoes people who started 2 seconds off WR and now I cant get within 6. angry

1 B1gch0pper  
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here here!

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